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The concept of this functional strength training program through our search for information and practical applications of Eastern and Western philosophies, we have found certain universal truths.

​​This program utilizes this information to increase "time on target" to the exact muscles and fibers that are most necessary to develop functional core strength, with strength being defined as a person's ability to resist force.

A system proven to enhance balance, stability and coordination by allowing the body to build functional strength, increase its range of motion and maximize its power. This program doesn't replace other types of training but rather, is intended to introduce new levels of cohesiveness and efficiency which yield measurable results.

Dennis Hall, USA’s most decorated Greco Roman wrestler, is the cofounder and conceptual creator of the program. Hall by virtuosity of his trade has earned the respect of wrestlers worldwide; 3x Olympian, 3x world medalist and 10x national champion. A man of resolve, unrelenting intensity has directed his efforts to the betterment of all those around him.  


“There’s something missing”, said Dennis Hall while coaching his youth wrestling club.  Hall approached his Olympic Strength Coach Joel Berens with the simple question.  What’s missing? 


Berens, a collegiate athlete himself, with a strong background in Habit Development and the physical sciences undertook Hall’s challenge to research and develop a program to answer the question. 


Berens reversed engineer Hall’s training. When asked what he wanted, Hall responded “I need a program that gets my kids strong enough to hold position to learn technique!” he exclaimed. The journey was set and what the collaboration of the two found out will surprise many.


proprioception. (prō'prē-ō-sěp'shən) The unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself. In humans, these stimuli are detected by nerves within the body itself, as well as by the semicircular canals of the inner ear.


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"Gravity works...Just give it time"


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